IMPACT Seminars is an educational organization which specializes in educational content on the geopolitics of Israel and the Middle East. We provide a diverse collection of interactive sessions, extended seminars and consultations with a commitment to transparency regarding all perspectives and narratives. Our goal is to facilitate each participant’s educational journey to better understand the nuances and complexities of Israel & its geopolitical situation. All of our programs are interactive and built to challenge preconceived notions, pushing participants to debate and explore the topic while providing a foundation for further exploration and discovery.

Interactive Sessions

  • 90 minute interactive sessions

  • Topics include: Intro to the region; Conflict of Narratives; Palestinian Identity; Zionism; US-Israel Relationship; Religion & State; Israel's Political System & more

  • Discover at all sides of the issue

  • Half day/day/two day seminars

  • Topics include: Geopolitics of Jerusalem; Security & Humanitarian issues of the Gaza Border Region; Conflicting Narratives of Jaffa; The Kotel Issue & more

  • Create a foundation for understanding challenges and their context, deeper questioning, and personal exploration

  • Guiding you through the education of your participants and students on the geopolitics of Israel & the Middle East

  • Assistance in developing your curriculum and seminars

  • Creating educational materials

The Israel Update, an initiative of IMPACT Seminars, is an educational platform to help you learn more about the geopolitics of Israel & the region, the Jewish world, and Zionism. On this website you will find recommended books, podcasts, news-sites, who to follow on twitter, videos and essays. We engage multiple perspectives from Left to Right, Zionist and not so much, Pro-Israel and not so much, with the goal of helping all learners come to their own conclusions. 


Benji Davis

Founding Educator & Executive Director

Eylon Aslan-Levy


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Maya Liss Grogin

Assistant Director

Assaf Boker

Educator & Licensed Guide

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Daniel Rubenstein

Educator & Licensed Guide

Elisheva Goldberg


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Contact IMPACT

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