Participant Feedback

Overall great! Excellent selection of speakers. For such a short seminar, a lot of info was presented. Definitely will learn/read more on what was presented. - Onward Israel Security & Diplomacy Breakout Seminar Participant

Before the presentation, I viewed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an impossible storyline to follow, always feeling lost in the updates. Your seminar was able to give a simplified structure to the conflict and the issues at hand. Now when the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is being discussed, I can refer to the foundation of understanding that I gained from your presentation. -Eric A, Taglit-Birthright Summer 2016, Young Professional, Montreal, QB

Benji Davis' lecture concisely provides the historical context necessary for understanding the contemporary Geopolitical situation underpinning the Israel/Palestine conflict. Moreover, after establishing a historical foundation, Benji delivers a balanced account of the issues serving as obstacles to peace in the region today. While his lecture is easily digestible, Benji does not shy away from the inherent complexities underlying the Israel/Palestine conflict. Rather, his clear articulation of those complexities provides a foundation from which to further explore them. In short, I highly recommend Benji's lecture as an introduction to the Israel/Palestine conflict. - Simon P, Taglit Birthright Winter 2016, Law School Student, Vancouver, BC

I wasn't interested in politics but after hearing your speech it was fascinating to hear what you had to say. I believe every Israeli before they vote should hear your lecture so they can understand the sides and the issues to make the best decision. Before I asked my dad who to vote for, but now I have what to think about. Yuval Alfia, Israeli participant, Taglit-Birthright Winter 2017.

Having had the opportunity to speak with an educator such as Benji and discuss present day issues and their backgrounds was one of the most beneficial and productive evenings I have had as a student in and out of the classroom. Benji appropriately presented my group with multiple perspectives on the conflict in the Middle East and opened the floor to discussion and challenge to seemingly not only better my group, but himself as well. I would recommend his program to any group traveling looking to begin a basic knowledge of the conflict or add on to an already well established knowledge, his understanding of the country is broad and deep. 

-Micah S, Taglit-Birthright Summer 2016, Student, Vanderbilt University

Absolutely loved the weekend, thought it gave an incredible perspective to the conflict and security dilemmas in the Middle East. - Onward Israel Security & Diplomacy Breakout Seminar Participant

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is so rich with complexity and nuance that approaching this topic seemed daunting to me at first.  However, my educator from IMPACT Seminars did a great job of coherently presenting a summary of the history of this conflict.  I left the lecture feeling like I had a strong conceptual framework of this topic upon which I could build a more comprehensive understanding through further research.  His deep knowledge of the subject and ability to engage the audience made his lecture a memorable component of the birthright trip.  I highly recommend IMPACT's lecture! - Randi Potekin, Taglit Birthright Winter 2017, PhD candidate, Mechanical Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Organizer Feedback

Benji's seminar with my LA Way Birthright Israel trip was one of the best 'speakers' I've experienced in the many times I've staffed Taglit. His presentation was funny, unbiased, and clear (as clear as you can be with the Israeli political system!). Most Birthright groups don't ever get to hear all of this information in one clear and concise seminar, and I think it's incredibly beneficial to have this real knowledge. Benji does a great job at engaging them physically and mentally, and it is invaluable that he is a peer and not just a talking head. - Margalit C. Rosenthal, Senior Director, Birthright Israel and Immersive Experiences at the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

Benji is an engaging and effective speaker who lectured on a variety of topic to a wide range of audiences. Benji has a unique ability to speak to those with advanced knowledge and those who are just starting out. He's an excellent communicator, thinks quickly on his feet, related to his audience and consistently received excellent feedback from our clients - Yair Zivan, Founder of Kol Voice Seminars 

Your seminars were raved about- and participants came out of them inspired, informed and appreciative of how such a complicated issue could be handled so openly, deeply and intelligently. - Ilan Wagner, President & CEO Onward Israel

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